24 Oct 2020

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    Founded in 2004 by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in cooperation with Cisco Systems, the e-Learning Competence Center (ELCC) aims to support Egypts overall education reform and entrepreneurship development through the effective use of ICTs with a special focus on harnessing the e-learning technologies and maximizing the potential for collaborative Public Private Partnerships (PPP). ELCC has a track record of developing and delivering state-of-the art e-learning courses and content, setting and disseminating quality standards of e-learning, providing best practices in research and expert consultancy in e-learning and engendering the first wave of facilitators and e-trainers into the market.

    e-Learning Tracks
    Track 1: Business and Entrepreneurship Education
    Track 2: Information Technology
    Track 3: e-Learning Diploma
    Track 4: Soft Skills

    Track 1: Business and Entrepreneurship Education
    The Business and Entrepreneurship Education program provides ICT-related business education to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) develop new strategies to transform their organizations and business through the strategic use of IT and internet applications, and teach students how to develop business plans for an effective IT business deployment. It covers starting, growing, and tech-enabling a business. Through collaboration with attendees and Institute feedback, the curriculum continues to expand and evolve to support the growing needs of entrepreneurs in Egypt.

    Start your Business
    Social Media for Business

    Who Can Apply
    New Entrepreneurs
    Non-profit organizations
    Small and medium enterprises
    Graduates who plan to establish their own projects
    People using social media to develop their projects

    Track 2: Information Technology
    The Information Technology Track provides learners with an understanding of the foundations of information technologies in the use and support of business-related computer systems. It also provides advanced skills to be proficient in the use of information technology and information systems.

    IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software
    Green ICT Fundamentals
    Green ICT
    IT Terminology Dictionary
    Digital Stories

    Who Can Apply
    University students, graduates and non-technical staff
    IT professionals in general, including software developers, system analysts, system administrators
    Deaf and hearing impaired (IT Terminology Dictionary)
    Those specialized in training and education in general

    Track 3: e-Learning Diploma
    ELCC e-learning Diploma is designed and developed by a consortium of e-learning experts to introduce certification in e-learning and provide e-learning professionals and practitioners with competencies necessary to design, develop, deliver, support and evaluate effective and on-demand e-learning.

    e-Learning Standards
    e-Learning Fundamentals
    Visual Learning
    Instructional Strategies
    Instructional Design
    Online Support
    Interactive Learning/ Simulation Tools
    Assessment Design
    Ethical and Legal Issues in e-Learning
    Learning Management System LMS
    Authoring Tools Course

    Who Can Apply
    Those working in the field of e-learning, including teachers and trainers, instructional designers, graphic and media developers, e-content developers, e-learning project managers

    Track 4: Soft Skills
    Soft skills are a combination of interpersonal, social and communication skills. The track aims to offer learners the opportunity to effectively manage their time, increase their productivity and become an integral part of a team.

    Negotiation Skills
    CV Writing Skills
    Time Management Skills
    Presentation Skills
    Interviewing Skills

    Who can apply
    University students and graduates
    government employees
    private sector employees
    new entrepreneurs
    small and medium-sized entrepreneurs

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