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    The National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) was founded in 1983 as a center of excellence, dedicating its resources to provide high quality education and training services for telecommunication engineers and to prepare and implement specialized training programs. A reputed scientific, educational and research institution, NTI offers face-to-face training programs with hands-on experience, targeting local and regional markets, including the Nile Basin countries by using highly equipped Labs. NTI has been accredited by Cisco Systems in 2006 as Cisco Academy Training Center (CATC) for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region based in Cairo, Egypt. The strategic vision of NTI as a center of excellence is to become a leading institution in the field of telecommunication not only at the regional level but also at the global level.

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    Who Can Apply to NTI Programs
    Egyptian university engineering graduates, in different disciplines such as electronics and communication, mechatronics engineering, medical engineering and computer engineering. 

    Post Graduate Diploma Program
    Accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, the Post Graduate Diploma Program is a one-year post graduate diploma in information and communication engineering. The diploma is a 30-credit hour program offered in three terms.
    The first term delivers basic communications courses while the second term offers a choice of two specializations: wireless communication systems or advanced telecommunication networks. The third term includes graduation projects related to applied researches focusing on current problems of the telecommunication industries. The projects are supervised by both NTI and Egyptian universities’ staff. The program endeavors at certifying 120 professionals each year.

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    Professional Training Program
    NTI established the Professional Training Program, after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to provide training grants to Egyptian university engineering graduates nationwide.
    The grants aim to qualify youth for the job market and promote their technology and human skills in order to boost their capabilities and production, thereby competing locally and regionally in the areas of networking, systems of communications, electronics and information technology. This will help meet the needs of the ICT companies, and reduce the gap between academic education and local employment market needs.

    The training program includes technical and practical specialized tracks, implemented by academic calibers in high-tech labs:
    § Modern Wireless Technology
    § Network Infrastructure and Service Provisioning
    § Embedded System Design
    § Voice and Video over IP Networks
    § Wireless Systems and Backbone Networks
    § Cloud Computing

    At the end of training, companies specialized in these areas are invited to participate in a workshop to learn about trainees’ skills through showing presentation of trainees’ projects. Outstanding graduates are offered opportunities to join the "Seeds for the Future" Program, sponsored by "Huawei Technologies" to enhance their knowledge of cutting-edge ICT technologies. They have the opportunity of a vocational training at the main center in China. Trainees also earn, at the end of the training, international certificates accredited by international companies, each in his respective area of competence, in addition to a monthly stipend during the training period that lasts for five months.

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    NTI-ITU Centre of Excellence in Egypt in Spectrum Management

    NTI signed a four-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2014 with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)—an intergovernmental organization and the United Nations’ specialized agency for telecommunication and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). According to the MoU, NTI became, for the second time, a new Center of Excellence (CoE), under the umbrella of the ITU Academy in Spectrum Management priority area, for the Arab region.

    NTI and ITU endeavor to build human and institutional capacity in the region by supporting the development and implementation of human and institutional capacity building programs and activities within the ITU Academy’ Centers of Excellence (CoEs) network. Both NTI and ITU have a common goal to enhance people’s power to harness the benefits of ICTs by reducing knowledge barriers, developing skills and increasing access to appropriate, scalable, and high quality training.

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