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    Human Capacity Building Scholarships

    The Information Technology Institute (ITI), through a diversified set of national capacity building programs, develops youth capabilities and skills throughout university education, post-graduate training and professional advanced coaching.

    Postgraduate Capacity Building Scholarship

    9-Month Professional Diploma

    The 9-Month Professional Diploma is a renowned capacity development program both on the national and international levels. The Program is offered as a full-fledged scholarship by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), through the ITI, for selected Egyptian University graduates—not to exceed three to five years of their graduation date—after passing a rigorous set of assessments and personal interviews.

    The Program offers its students a world-class ICT training in more than 25 different technology specializations ranging from database systems to game development, mobile applications development, web developments, mechatronics engineering, multimedia and big data analytics, among several other high-end technology specializations.

    Due to its high-quality standards, the Program is accredited by several international universities as a pre-masters' degree. These universities include the University of Nottingham in the UK, the University of Lund in Sweden, the University of Paderborn in Germany, the Oregon Science and Health University in the US and the Dublin Institute of Technology of Ireland. The 9-Month Professional Diploma’s employability rates exceed 80% even before the participant’s completion of the Diploma program.

    Who can apply
    The annual Diploma Program accepts fresh university graduates (up to 5 years from graduation according to specialization). The applicants are screened through a series of exams and interviews. Annual specializations and relevant admission conditions are announced on the ITI website.
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    Undergraduate Capacity Building Scholarship
    Youth Skills Development Nanodegree Programs in National Universities and Governorates
    The Youth Development Programs in the Egyptian governorates known as “Train the Trainer” is one of the Institute’s flagship programs delivered in over 85 governmental IT training centers across Egypt. Since 1994, this program has prepared young calibers from various governorates to act as trainers in their home governorates in order to maximize awareness and knowledge outreach and to promote the ICT culture across Egypt and its remote suburbs.

    Since 2016, the Youth Development Program introduced the three-month Nanodegrees Programs that deliver intensive skills development courses offered both through the Governorates IT Training Centers across Egypt and Universities Campuses.

    The Nanodegree comprises a diversified set of programs that are updated annually according to the Governorates’ ICT industry needs; targeted skills for undergraduate university students; international trends of knowledge transfer for university academic staff and advanced career advancement needs of the professional business community.

    The Nanodegree Programs specialties include web design and development, graphics design, digital marketing, open-source programming and networks security/A+ maintenance. This is in addition to other advanced specializations focusing on specific market demand skills including virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, virtualization, security and end user computing.

    Who can apply
    The Nanodegree Programs are offered to the professional business community, i.e., the graduates who already work, regardless of their age.  The programs are tailored according to the industry and business needs and are in partnership with leading ICT technology vendors. Relevant dates, specializations and applications are announced periodically on the ITI website.

    The Nanodegree Scholarship Programs, delivered at the Universities’ Campuses, provide full-fledge programs for undergraduate university students. According to the Program specialization, applying students pass through screening tests.

    All the Nanodegree Undergraduate Students Programs dates and admission requirements and conditions are announced periodically through the ITI Website and universities.
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    Undergraduate Career Development Program Campaigns

    Education Development Program for Universities in Egypt and Career Development Program
    In 2007, the ITI launched the Education Development Program for Universities in Egypt (EDUEgypt) to support capacity development for Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES).

    The Program extended to include, along with the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), new specializations in the IT Outsourcing (ITO) field in the faculties of Computers and Information Science, in addition to launching the consultancy services industry in the pharmaceutical field.

    The Program had an impact on more than 40 thousand Egyptian universities students’ skills and knowledge, and operated in 16 national universities throughout Egypt.

    Building on the success of the EDUEgypt Program and the established physical presence and close collaboration partnerships with Egyptian universities, ITI established in October 2016 the Career Development Program (CDP) that aims to inspire and motivate Egyptian youth to take up a career in Egypt’s thriving ICT industry. The CDP offers a wide spectrum of services that can significantly contribute to enhancing job placement and employability.

    The Program provides the following services and activities for its beneficiaries:
    § Career and Training Coaching and Consultation: Providing Egyptian youth with the opportunity of conducting career-counseling sessions (face-to-face or online) with certified career coaches to guide participants while making ICT career and training decisions.

    § Apprenticeship Opportunities Aggregation: Through ITI public-private network, the Program will provide Egyptian youth with numerous apprenticeship opportunities to receive on-the-job training in reputable ICT businesses.

    Who can apply
    The Career Development Program Campaigns are delivered all year round across national universities in Egypt in selected faculties, according to the academic domain/ICT career matchmaking program. Undergraduate students at the hosting faculties are welcome to participate in the public seminars and are able to apply for selection to the face-to-face or online career-counseling sessions. 
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    Innovation and Knowledge Transfer
    Continuous innovation in ICT applications brings about opportunities for competitiveness and growth for the ICT industry in Egypt. The new wave of ICT innovation comprises many trends that are expected to impact demand for ICT skills over the next decade.

    ITI Online Learning
    To expand outreach and provide equal and fair access to learning and broad knowledge on the latest international technology trends, ITI is currently developing online training courses and programs on selected IT domains and specializations through its platform ITI Massive Open Online Courses Academy (MOOCA).

    Who can apply
    ITI Online Learning mission is to provide a free world class education for anyone, anywhere. It is suitable for people who are eager to educate themselves more and more.
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    ITI Casual Learning
    ITI offers youth and professionals with annual events hosting seminar sessions, hands-on-workshops and coach-led hackathons through which they can promote their skills; upgrade their knowledge; explore latest apps, products, technologies, startups, business and opportunities; and develop their talents.

    Annual Events
    The annual events include the Mobile Developer Weekend, the Global Game Jam Egypt and the Egypt Big Data Hackathon. Moreover, new events are developed each year according to the ICT trends in focus.

    Mobile Developer Weekend
    ITI organizes and hosts annually the Mobile Developer Weekend (MDW) to bring together the industry gurus, pioneering experts, aspiring mobile entrepreneurs and developers in formal and informal gatherings to dig deeper in the latest technology trends and top notch mobile activities. MDW Series started out in 2014 and was the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East. The event has been inspired by the massive updates the mobile industry is witnessing, and the critical need to create a platform connecting the industry’s dynamic key players to discuss, collaborate and reflect on the industry’s day-to-day developments, opportunities and challenges in an interactive and passion-driven environment.

    Global Game Jam Egypt
    The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world's largest game jam event taking place around the world, organized and hosted in Egypt by ITI. It’s a hackathon focused on game development and a space where talented individuals, get together to work in a fun and intense atmosphere of creativity and experimentation throughout a 48-hour period.

    Egypt Big Data Annual Knowledge Day and Hackathon
    The Knowledge Day and Hackathon is the first of its kind for using Egypt’s wealth of big data in generating solutions for challenges and opportunities. It gathers the main pillars of the ICT sector, public sector, owners and producers of big data volumes represented by the governmental institutions, the private sector represented by main technology gurus and pioneers and civil society represented by universities and professional community’s youth. The event includes knowledge transfer sessions and workshops in the latest technologies as well as 48 to 72-hour hackathon with the participation and competition of university students, professionals and startups all in one place.

    Who can benefit
    Those annual events are open to interested youth and professionals who have technical      background through ITI website and social media channels upon announcement of the event’s registration.
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    International Joint Academic Programs
    ITI consistently develops partnerships with prominent international universities. Through various joint post-graduate studies agreements, the Institute provides its excelling 9-Month Professional Training Program graduates with opportunities for acquiring professional diplomas and masters' degree programs.

    University of Paderborn Germany, School of Engineering
    Considered as one of the world’s leading establishments in the area of mechatronics engineering, the University of Paderborn has a distinguished cooperation partnership with the Information Technology Institute. The joint cooperation started in 2002 with the objective of availing world-class post- graduate engineering education for Egyptian engineers. The joint master’s degree offers learners with a unique blend of hands-on experience in addition to state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, as well as practical training experience in leading German companies in the area of mechatronics.
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    University of Nottingham United Kingdom, School of Computer Science
    The MSc. of Information Technology focuses on programming, software engineering and development methodologies – and provides a broad-based coverage of relevant subjects including networks and the Internet, databases, artificial intelligence, computer security, system and network administration, multimedia, computer graphics and user interface design. Graduates of this course are highly employable in a wide range of technical disciplines.

    For further information, Please Click Here.

    University of Waterloo Canada, School of the Virtual Incubation Program
    ITI has partnered with the University of Waterloo in Canada to help integrate the entrepreneurial culture among ITI interns through a sustainable environment in order to grow high caliber techno-preneurs in Egypt, while influencing the economic state of Egypt, creating both employment and capital.
    Within the Program’s framework, teams progress through several event-based gates. There is an online pitch competition, virtual investor pitch and a virtual investment committee competition. Each event is judged by panels comprised of program alumni and members of the local business community, with key representatives from strategic partners.

    For further information, Please Click Here.

    ITI Shared Facilities
    The ITI fabrication laboratory “ITI Maker Space” provides a wide range of digital equipment, constant workshops, hackathons and access to unlimited means for invention throughout the year, where people get together to build up projects, share knowledge and turn into MAKERS.

    Furthermore, through the “ITI Co-Working Space”, the Institute works closely with the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders on a series of entrepreneurial activities and thrilling hands-on learning experiences featuring the art of ideation and innovation management that is not only confined to the ITI students, but also to public youth with strong interest In ICT and innovation, through the ITI Shared Facilities for open accessibility.

    Participants develop their IT driven solutions –prototypes, applications, products and services that aim to solve community challenges through ICT tools. Remarkably, a notable number of the ITI interns then turn their products and services into growing start-ups and social ventures.

    ITI Maker Space
    ITI Maker Space is a fabrication laboratory with a wide range of digital equipment, and constant workshops, hackathons and access to unlimited means for invention throughout the year. Students, graduates and young professionals get together to build up projects, share knowledge and turn into MAKERS.

    Who can benefit?
    Innovators, young entrepreneurs and SMEs with design ideas or prototype designs can use the Maker Space Fabrication Laboratory according to a booking schedule.
    For further information on the laboratory equipment, facilities and session schedules, Please Click Here.

    ITI Co-Working Space
    ITI strives to extend its services to serve wider segments of beneficiaries whereby leading entrepreneurs, growing startups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are invited to co-develop and support the creation of an entrepreneurial environment that could enable ITI interns to master innovation and hence initiate ideas. ITI and industry partners conduct a series of Ideation Camps to provide interns with a hands-on experience, while enabling them to foster innovation and embrace a creative approach to perceive challenges.

    Who can apply:
    The Partnership Program is open for Startups and SMEs with innovative technology and business idea prototypes based on space and supporting resources availability. They are invited to co-develop and support the creation of an entrepreneurial environment that could enable ITI interns to master innovation and hence initiate ideas.

    For further information on the laboratory equipment, facilities and session schedules, Please Click Here.

    Juniors Academy
    ITI Juniors Academy teaches kids and teens to develop their computational and personal skills to match their talents and abilities, in a challenging environment that unleashes their creativity.
    ITI Juniors Academy chose to nurture discovery, promote problem-solving, and embrace logical thinking and creativity with a special focus on building knowledge of computational thinking skills including different state-of-art technologies, such as:
    § Embedded Systems
    § Gaming
    § Cyber Security
    § Artificial Intelligence
    § Digital Art

    Who can apply:
    The Juniors Academy Programs target K-12 school students. The programs run during mid-year and summer holidays. Age ranges depend on the program’s specialization and advancement level.  All admission dates and requirements are announced on the ITI website at the Programs’ registration dates. School students can follow up with the Programs news through facebook page. For further information, Please Click Here.

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